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Frequently asked questions for this Summer project.

The participants need to identify a plot of 10 ft x 10 ft.

We expect that participants will commit about five hours per week to the project, including planting, caring for the plants, and collecting the samples.

We will offer an optional workshop (about three weeks) for participants to learn about how to analyze their data.

The project start date is around June 15th. The end date for data collection will likely be the 5th week after planting. Then, we will shift to the optional workshop model, which will last another three weeks.

Participants are allowed to use the data they generated. They can communicate with the organizer to get their microbiome sequencing data or other related data and are expected to acknowledge the project.

The participants, i.e. the students, will fill in the registration form and complete the registration questions.

Yes, in the note-taking part, participants will record any treatments they give to the plants.

There is a selection process. The participants will need to get consent from their parents or guardians to be involved in the project. We will select students based on their enthusiasm in plant sciences, their willingness to commit enough time to finish the project, and their future plans to use the data after the project.